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Services for those most in need

About Us

Celemín is based on the design and development of a project concerning the scope of the comprehensive management of social services and the community.
From the beginning we relied on our work, and after an extensive career we are, every day , satisfied with what has been achieved .


CELEMIN is a service company specializing in educational, cultural and entertainment projects.
Headquartered in Almeria and offices in other Andalusian provinces and in Madrid.

Our main services we highlight the following:

  • Management activities in childcare centers
  • Programs for youth and cultural center management. civic.
  • Actions in day centers for the elderly.
  • sociocultural workshops.
  • Support for students with special educational needs.
  • Services support to families (morning classroom, extracurricular activities, playgrounds, classrooms summer, party-school, dining monitors ...).

    In short, our services aim be comprehensive, therefore, although the base of our business is in social services, these services are complemented by those of another type that expand the core business.
    Therefore CELEMIN has designed an extensive portfolio of products and services to reach any need demanded by our customers.